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ANHAI is a professional Ocean Agency company; we have a long and stable relationship network with many shipping companies. EvergreenHanjinHamburg SudCoscoWanhaiAmerican President Line.

We grasp the shipping market closely. Our services covered by customs clearance, insurance, warehouse storage, Vanning and devanning inbound transport ,cartage and we bring a professional service to client.


We handle from XINGANG PORT, SHANGHAI PORT, QINGDAO PORT NINGBO PORT, NANJING PORT goods to all port of world. Include booking, customs clearance, cartage, insurance service. Our advantage line: The Middle East, India and Pakistan, the Red sea,, South East Asia, Europe and Mediterranean line.

The speed of the releasing space is a feature of our shipping business. We use the EDI system direct book and handle shipment with EMC. This system simplified the operation process., ensure accurate and fast response speed. Normally situation we received booking order from client, 30mins can release MBL number and 2hours released SO.

We are a number of suppliers of Electricity supplier logistics platform. Having a complete SOP operation process, we can provide our client with standardized and reliable services. We offer a number of shipping companys rates to let our guests choose and guarantee the space.

Complete information platform 24hours O2O online system to let our client get price and vessel schedule on time

• Competitive rates
• Stable space
• Variety of services to choose
• Ensure documents processing quickly
• Warehouse packing and storage services.
• Offer door to door world service


Offer from Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanjing, Tianjin and Qingdao Port to all Global port business.. Advantage line almost cover the world.


ANHAI has more than 10 years of import customs clearance experience, featuring is fast. Long time cooperation with the customs and commodity inspection department accumulated rich experience in this network resource. Optimize the process from all aspects to save time for customers to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of customs clearance.

Trailer Service (Container inland transportation)

We offer door to door transport services, all truck has GPS locating. It can truck trace cargo any time. We can be flexible to provide customers with limited pick goods up and delivery services. Also can according different goods transportation requirements to provide with the most suitable transportation plan and services.

Storage Services

24hours service for storage. Provide storage, transit, container vanning and devanning services.

Goods long / short-term storage and distribution:
Sorting, packaging, labeling and other value-added services:


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